Why the world needs a free dispatch and delivery tracking solution?

The first use of internet for many people were though free email accounts. Free email service like hotmail, yahoo mail, and later gmail brought people online to communicate with each other, start businesses correspondence and later do business transactions though e-commerce.

The growth of e-commerce is still at the early stage. Only 10-12% of world wide retail is though e-commerce. It is expected to grow to 40% in next 10-15 years. One thing that grows with the adoption of e-commerce is parcel delivery because most of the online purchases require a delivery, often a short distance local delivery.

This gives rise to the opportunity for growth for small delivery companies all over the world. Sometimes many businesses can choose to delivery themselves, same as the neighborhood pizza shop has been doing for decades. To manage the chaos of deliveries with small or large team, business needs simple and easy to use tools to make their life easy.

For many young entrepreneurs, especially in the developing countries, a FREE delivery tracking tool could help them begin delivery company in their city and support online commerce within their community. The possibilities are endless.

QuestTag wants to let thousand flowers bloom in last mile logistics to create the strong and agile foundation for tomorrow’s e-commerce globally.

Looking for new business idea? Use FREE software to start a delivery company

It's easy to start a local delivery company now in many cities around the world with the popularity of E-commerce everywhere. Deliver food, grocery or any parcel packages with QuestTag Delivery Management Software. It won’t cost anything to get started.

Here is a great step by step guide from Goshare. But you can start your own company too with our FREE dispatch and delivery tracking software. Let’s start today!


The future of local delivery is here - and it's not robot YET!

E commerce is still 10-12% of the global retail sales. For many developing countries, it is just starting. How our last mile delivery will change when E-commerce reaches 50% of retail transactions. It requires a highly automated infrastructure in larger cities coordinating between robots and human though sensors and internet connectivity. Check out this article from MIT talking about the last mile infrastructure for the future


Trends in last mile delivery

Faster delivery, More robots and Smarter System will define the future of last mile delivery. Major trends in last mile delivery includes:

  1. Gig economy and crowdsourcing

  2. Rapid order fulfillment

  3. Increased USPS handling

  4. In-house delivery services

  5. Upselling during delivery

  6. Smart technology

  7. Warehouses in major cities

  8. Improved traceability

  9. Self-driving delivery vehicles

  10. Anticipatory shipping