Getting Started Guide 

Before you get started on QuestTag dispatch system, first download the “QuestTag Delivery” Driver App.

Step 1 ( Driver Set up):

  • Add drivers from the driver tab by clicking on + New Driver

  • Add driver name, email and mobile phone number (with + country code) on the new driver form.

  • The newly added driver will get a temporary password via text and email

  • When you create a dispatch account , you are automatically added as driver for test purposes.

Step 2 (driver sign in):

  • Sign in on the QuestTag Delivery App with the driver email and the temporary password you got

  • After you are logged in, tap on “Begin Deliveries

  • Your location will be visible on the dispatch dashboard now

  • At this point, driver is ready to accept orders from dispatcher

Step 3 (Enter your first order):

  • Go to the Orders tab on dispatch dashboard

  • Click on +New Order button on upper right corner

  • An oder entry form will appear. Fill out the form with order details and Save

  • The order will appear on dispatch tab and also order tab under current orders

    Note: You can find our API documentation here to import orders directly from your website. You will find your API keys under My Account section.

Step 4 (Dispatch an order):

  • You can Assign an order to a active driver from the new order section of the Dispatch page

  • You can also assign a driver from the Orders tab by clicking Unassigned status button

  • Once you assign an order to a driver, driver will get a notification on the app and can accept the order

Step 5 (Completing order on the App):

  • Once you accept an order on the app, you can change the status of the order by tapping the order box

    • Our order status goes from Started > Picked Up > On the way > Delivered

  • You can also see the order details, navigate to locations and call customers easily from the App.

  • Check out the App settings to enable proof of delivery and other options

Also, you can watch the video tutorials here to see how it works in action.

Final Tips:

  • Check out your dispatch account settings. If you delivering from same place, choose business type “Delivery Only”.

Good Luck and let us know if you have any questions at info[@]