Get started with QuestTag dispatching

We are excited to welcome you to QuestTag!

Now you can easily dispatch delivery orders to your drivers, track real-time delivery status, and keep your customers informed of delivery ETA at the same time. It’s very easy to get started.


1. Set up your drivers:

Add drivers to the system by simply adding their name, phone number and email address. Drivers get a notification with their temporary login information, which they can change later in the driver app. Driver apps (questtag delivery) are available on both ios app store and google play.

2. Start adding your first few orders:

Just get going by adding few orders from the order tab. Click on the “+ New Order” button on the top right corner to add orders.


3. Dispatching orders:

Congratulations! You are now ready to dispatch orders when your drivers log in to their delivery apps.

4. Using The Driver App:

Its easy to download driver apps from  ios app store and google play. Here is what it looks like once you log in:


Once an order is assigned to a driver, here is how it flows through various steps on the driver app:


5. Real time delivery tracking by customers:

Your customers are always in the loop knowing who is coming for delivery, and when. They can also directly contact the driver by calling or texting them. 

When you are ready to integrate our API for automatic order insertion. Check out our API page.

For your account specific API key, send us an email at


Happy Deliveries!