Join the Last Mile Delivery Gold Rush

Now, why we think it’s important to have a last mile tracking capability for your delivery services?


Blame Uber, Lyft, Door Dash and all the on-demand delivery Apps. The consumer technology has moved so fast in this space that customer expectations have sky rocketed. 


What used to be a “good to have” feature, is a “must have feature” now from customer expectation stand point. 

 Did you know, 74% customers say, getting delivery tracking information is “very important” and 60% says they are likely to repeat purchase from businesses that provide accurate ETA. 

 So, having a beautiful and accurate ETA sharing tool is not only good for your business, an absence of which will probably kill your business in long term. 

 Have you noticed? Last mile delivery market is growing as customers want more and more items home delivered and also on the same day J. 

 Blame the millennials who do not want to go to store. 

 More and more items are delivered to home today than ever before. From small pizza or large furniture and anything in between. 

This trend is happening for some time, but we are still in the early innings of home delivery as E-commerce is still only 15% of the overall retail in the US and growing at 14% year over year. 

 Meaning, in 6 years, by 2025, approx. 30% of the all retail sales will be from e-commerce. 2X of what it is today and big part of them will be delivered locally increasing local deliveries by 4X in 6 years. 

 Check out this prominent venture capitalist Mary Meekers’ 2019 Internet Trend slides. Check out the e-commerce slides specifically.

This will be the golden era on last mile e-commerce delivery growth. If you are currently, thinking of doing same day E-commerce delivery, you definitely need a modern dispatch and routing tool.

The opportunities are really great if you are ready with the right tools to participate in this last mile gold rush.