Smart Operations

See where your drivers are and their status at all time on google map integrated dispatch dashboard.


Dispatch screen brings drivers, order locations, age of the orders all in one place for complete control.

Two-clicks manual dispatching or try intelligent auto-dispatching.  

Clean interface to see through the clatter of information

  • Intuitive filtering on the map

  • Search anything on the dashboard

  • Late order alerts

  • Order status and elapsed time

All the information you need in one place

  • Customer info

  • Pickup location

  • Order items details

  • Driver status



See all your current, past, and future orders in one place. Easy searching and sorting of orders when you need it. 


Besides on-demand orders, you can also receive orders ahead of time for scheduled delivery. These orders becomes available for dispatch at the appropriate time. It is easy to find detailed delivery timeline and records of the past orders including "proof of delivery" with the customer signature. 


Advanced reporting and analytics to optimize operations.


The reporting tool can generate pre-set graphs for number of deliveries, sales amount and driver earnings, customer satisfaction ratings, etc. 


You can easily generate reports to keep track of driver earnings and their performance with QuestTag Delivery.